Spring time

During the spring months, the Scottish countryside is bristling with activity and change. The snow has melted in most locations apart from the high tops of the mountains where it appears to be clinging on in the deeper, darker crevices. Nevertheless, as the spring time season progresses through the month of April, flora and fauna come to life. Spring turns up later in remote Scotland.

Spring time for new growth

When living in a remote Scottish location you become more sensitive to the changes in the seasons. The reason behind being more receptive stems from fewer distractions and disturbances. Additionally, awareness is heightened and more clarity is experienced. The grass looks noticeably greener, dormant flowers push through to the light and spread their petals. The land comes to life as the hints of colour multiply as the longer days and higher temperatures wake the countryside from its winter slumber. Without doubt, Spring is a time of high activity in nature: for new growth, and the creation of new life.


In March, the changes started. The red deer stags, the biggest animals and perhaps the most noticeable, cast their antlers to make way for new growth. At dawn, birdsong was heard. The bird tweeting was audible over the water gurgling down the burn into the loch. Even the water flow had receded. The burn was no longer the raging torrent of snow melt as it travelled noisily from the high tops of the surrounding hills. Within the space of one week there was an increase in the variety of birds visiting the garden bird feeders. In summary, outside had a bigger range of activity and an increase wildlife movement and these are definitive sights and sounds of spring.

Red Deer Stag with new antler growth

Spring time for new life

Late March, there were occasional sightings of adult rabbits and by April, they had had their young. Numerous kits appeared outside the burrows to enjoy the heat of the springtime sunshine. The young rabbits were just tiny fluffy bundles as sat in close the burrow entrances. The grassy hillock bustled with young and adult rabbits. A classic spring time scene.

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