Staying home is the new big thing

Isolation in 2020 is a big topic and an aspect of life many struggled with. The lack of social contact, a ban on socializing and lots of solitary time are alien to most. On the contrary, one of the main attractions of remote living is isolation. Days and weeks of a secluded lifestyle pass without any human, face-to-face contact. Limited trips out to busy public places and may bring on anxious feelings because crowds are discomforting. Isolation in 2020 is not the top choice for many, however, for a minority of people it is the ideal way to live their lives. Living in a remote location is a deliberate choice to inhabit a space as far away as possible from crowds, towns, and cities.

Coping with isolation in 2020

Isolation, for some, is a preferred way of happily living life and working in a remote place. The isolated lifestyle shared with a partner or family. Perhaps a seasonal opportunity of isolation made possible via work. Isolation is not a new concept as people have done it for centuries. Generations made the choice to live and work in remote locations. They have farmed and tended animals and lived of the land. The wilderness calls out. The suburban way of life is rejected. Town conveniences swapped for bucolic idylls.

Artist in Isolation

Isolation is often a preferred life for creatives because it allows for time to work on a project without disturbance. Artists in isolation immerse themselves in painting without distractions. An author pens a new book without disruption. A playwright creates a sell-out stage play without interruption. For years, people have achieved lots during periods of isolation.

2020 lockdown

In March 2020, when lockdown started in the UK, there was a general acceptance of it. It was a time for everyone to stay at home to stop the spread of the Covid-19 virus. The UK population locked down on their own, or with loved ones. The less fortunate, trapped in isolation with the wrong person. Global pandemics do not heal broken relationships or stop people from splitting up or prevent husbands and wives from divorcing.

Beat the boredom of isolation in 2020

Pop stars sing on Twitter. TV presenters broadcast from the living rooms. Politicians conduct interviews from their home offices, and families are home-schooling their kids. Social media has embraced the true concept of being a communal tool as the population share their photos, videos, and lockdown achievements. It is about coping the best way possible with what is available and within the guidelines.

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