Deborah Anderson found her outdoors inspiration

Scottish countryside creatives: Deborah Anderson found her outdoors inspiration. She was born in Renfrewshire. Her family owned an antiques centre and her dad was an avid Munro bagger. The family often travelled to Perthshire and further north into the Highlands. Around the age of eight, Deborah became aware of her love for the outdoors. She said, “every weekend away, if I wasn’t doing a Munro with dad, I would look for a country park. Sometimes it would be a trekking centre where we could go horse riding. Riding was my first passion from a young age.”

Scottish countryside creatives start young

Scottish countryside creatives often feel compelled to spend time outdoors. This was the case when Deborah Anderson turned ten years old. A move to Monzievaird, gave her the ideal location to develop her love of the outdoors. “I played for hours in the forest. I fed the pheasants. We had chickens and rabbits, I would make dens in the woods and use them to spy on roaming deer. I recall many walks to the River Earn and, watching otters. I was an animal lover from an early age,” said Deborah.

Horses played a part in chilhood

“My beloved pony, Brady, was a huge part of my childhood. Out riding him up and over all the surrounding hills, returning in time for tea. Aged only eleven years, when I was dropped off at the stables in the morning. I would be out all day and return by 5pm.  All before mobile phones! I learned a lot from my riding experiences. If you fall off, sometimes alone or in the middle of nowhere, even with broken bones, you need to get back up and be determined if you want to get back on and home.”

A love of the Scottish Countryside

“I always felt so lucky and appreciated every moment I had. I would often say to my mum, I was so happy out on my horse and she couldn’t stop me. Thankfully, she never did! I think she realised it was where I was drawn to.” Competing at Gleneagles was another way of spending time outdoors for Deborah. She would often take part in the local cross country and show-jumping events.

Perthshire countryside was home

The Scottish countryside creatives appreciate the outdoors. Deborah said,“I love the Scottish countryside for what it has to offer, it is all right there on our doorstep, from the ever changing landscapes and the seasons,  the mountains, hills, forests, rivers, lochs, we have it all so close by.” In Perthshire, you are rarely that far away from the wildness of the outdoors, Deborah said, “minutes from us we can get to an untouched spot and it is a heavenly place: the colours, the freshness and the feeling it evokes inside. It is a paradise, and my meditation.”

Scottish countryside creative inspiration in the Glens

“One of my favourite spots is right at the end of the single track road in Glen Lyon. The long glen with the river running through it, the serenity, the roaming deer, wildlife all around, it’s untouched. This makes it special, it excites me just driving there. When I’m there, I feel like a child again, in the wilderness and free. I should love to retreat there one day!” Embracing Scottish country traditions is a lifestyle choice, “if you take on as much as you can in everyday life, then living in Scotland becomes magical.”

Deer stalking

Recently, Deborah went deer stalking, “I had an amazing traditional stalking experience with the highland ponies in Glen Artney. It conjured up a great deal of emotion, and taking in the power of the surrounding hills with views over to Ben Vorlich and St Fillans, makes it a truly special place. I spent some time on an estate in Argyll, by Loch Fyne, and have very fond memories of fishing there and learning about the importance of salmon hatcheries, shooting and stalking. I remember fishing for mackerel, smoking it over barrels and, on the odd occasion, ate hand-dived scallops if we were lucky enough.”

Stag stalking in Glen Artney

A day’s stag stalking at Glen Artney captured the true essence of country sports for Deborah. “It wasn’t an easy day, with the wet weather, fully waterproofed and soaking through. Luckily, we waited for the mist to clear, then the sun came out and the mist lifted. We walked nearly 10 miles up and down the hills. It was a struggle, but, because of this, it ended up the perfect balance as I was in position, six hours later to take my shot. I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect day. However, it was so rewarding and hugely memorable because of the mixture of the elements, the team, the ponies, and the picnic. It really echoed to me what country sports is all about and that why I’m back in Scotland living this lifestyle choice I have chosen.”

Scottish countryside creatives explores the inspirational theme of Be Coorie

Scottish countryside creative, Debbie opened her shop ‘Be Coorie’ in Comrie. “Be Coorie is a theme inspired by the way of life I have chosen in Scotland, its interiors and lifestyle products. Whether it’s to be coorie by a fire after a wild swim in Loch Earn or a day’s shooting in the rain or frost, a long hill walk and wild camping by a river, I like to come back to a warm, cosy and inviting home. My interiors are inspired by our surroundings here: the colours of Perthshire, and the country sports on our doorstep”.

Be Coorie is a wonderful blend of Deborah’s Scottish countryside creative flair, blended with her passion for the outdoors and country sports. Deborah Anderson is the first of our Scottish countryside creatives chapters, and is a great example of how a lifelong love of the outdoors can be the source of great inspiration.

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