The right mode of transport for salmon fishing season

The winter of 2020 was longer than it has been for a number of years. There had been some snow fall in January early on but the road to Corrievarkie remained passable in a 4×4. The Toyota Hilux is used to get into the estate and for the first couple of miles. Further on, the Hilux is parked up and an old Land Rover Defender is used for the remainder of the journey. The change in vehicles is necessary as the Land Rover has better height clearance and more likely to get through any snowfall on the road. All vehicles were necessary for travel to the Meikleour for the salmon fishing season opening ceremony.

January weather

On January 15th, returning from a night away for the opening of the River Tay salmon fishing season at Meikleour we did get stuck for a few hours in the snow. Before we left on 14th, we had checked the weather to see what was predicted. Living remotely, you tend to study the forecast many times throughout the day in the winter months. I think it’s accurate to say it’s an obsession.

Arriving at Meikleour

We had left Corrievarkie estate without any snow issue on the morning of the 14th and had a good run over to Meikleour. That evening we enjoyed a meal at The Meikleour Arms, then settled in at Meikleour house for a quiet night, ready for the salmon fishing season to open, during the ceremony the following day.

Salmon fishing season opens

Here are a few images from the opening ceremony on the banks of the River Tay, with special guest Dougie Maclean.

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