The wilderness is amazing, and living close to nature is bliss. It is an incredible experience. There are many benefits to living in a remote location, seeing lots of wildlife is one of them. Remote locations don’t have busy roads running through them or lots of people traipsing, shouting at their children, or letting their dogs run amock. Remote locations are quiet.

If you go about your day, respecting your surroundings and being aware, there is every opportunity to see wildlife getting on with its daily routine. Deer browse, birds of prey hunt, rabbits pop out of their burrows to sunbathe, even garden birds have a busy schedule of eating and nest building.

During the winter months, wildlife changes its routine, animals like deer seek out the lower ground for food and shelter. Red deer are more likely to be seen in lower ground locations when the weather turns wintry. The high tops of the mountains are harsh environments for the deer during the winter months. This is especially the case when there has been prolonged snow, and winds.

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