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Where do you find happiness? Articles, books and ‘gurus’ have proffered their wisdom. They advise on how happiness, mindfulness and gratitude can be achieved and why it is important. One common theme is the recommendation of spending time outdoors, and connecting with nature to de-stress and re-balance. Countryside folk know about happiness through rural living and working.

Countryside living and working helps nurture happiness

Outdoors, surrounded by nature, the human brain is stimulated by sights, sounds and smells of the flora and fauna. We get a dose of vitamin D, and experience an enhanced feel-good factor. Do countryside dwelling folk, like, gamekeepers, deer stalkers and ghillies, experience a higher degree of life satisfaction? Do they have the ultimate in happiness because of a direction connection with the land?

Mindful countryside activities engages happiness

A mindful activity such as Deer stalking engages the senses. Stalking requires you to be ‘in the moment’, listening and looking: spying for deer could be a workout for your long and short vision, and planning a route (depending on what you are stalking and where) requires knowledge and experience of the landscape, and memory recall. 

Deer stalking promotes satisfaction

Walking and carrying a rifle and rucksack, is weight bearing exercise. Stalking requires steadiness, relaxed breathing, and the learned skill of shooting, and motivation to accomplish an outcome. It nurtures a sense of gratification. Being part in a valuable activity positively influencing the health of deer and habitat for future generations. A successful stalk promotes satisfaction, and a feeling of achievement. If taking a guest stalking, you may experience a sense of fulfilment in helping them reach their desired conclusion. In some cases, a stalk may change their lives by making a long held dream come true.

Huge dis-connect

There is a huge dis-connect from our surroundings as more people spend their time indoors and around technology. Yet, most need some technology to live, work and play but that can be balanced with spending time outdoors. Countryside folk know about happiness and where to find it, probably due to the amount of time spent working outdoors.

Promote good internal feelings

Countryside living and working does promote good feelings within us. It connects us with nature, and the rhythm of the seasons. The tempo of life and death, dark and light, cold and warmth. Centuries ago, we lived and worked closer to nature. Maybe that recognition is stronger in some than in others. Perhaps it is the reason why some of us feel more in tune and at home with a country life. Perhaps, we recognise the importance it plays in our happiness. Countryside folk do know about happiness through rural living and working.

Country folk know about happiness through rural living and working

Book recommendation

Iain R. Thomson in his book Isolation Shepherd spoke of much happiness. He said, “The hills bespeak a healing power and closeness to unseen help now lost in the security of modern welfare.”

Additional help is at hand

If you are unhappy, stressed or in need of advice, please visit The Gamekeepers Welfare Trust

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