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Be Coorie on Commercial Lane, Comrie, Perthshire, is a unique blend of Deborah Anderson’s inspiration. Her vision was derived at source from Scotland’s countryside and her direct involvement in country sports. Deborah said, “Be Coorie is a theme inspired by the way of life I have chosen in Scotland. It is interior and lifestyle products influenced by my passion for the country sports and outdoors.”

Be Coorie in Comrie, come in!

Coorie in

Who doesn’t want to be surrounded by nice things that make us feel cosy, cuddled and happy? The word ‘coorie’ arouses pleasing thoughts of snuggling in, warmth and all things Scottish. It is an authentic Scottish lifestyle. Seeking out comfort, enhancing your well-being and surrounding yourself with lovely things. The Be Coorie shop is a treat for the senses. The subtle aromas from scented candles are carried on the air. The comfy tartan-clad chairs. The warmth from a log fire beckons you in as you feast your eyes on the beautiful things.

Scottish products

From luxuriously soft sheepskins, handmade keyrings made from recycled used shotgun cartridges to iconic deer antlers, Deborah’s affinity with the countryside and flair for design flows through the shop. Stepping over the threshold, the Be Coorie theme warmly wraps itself around you with its elegant country cosiness. Deborah said, “it’s amazing and so enjoyable. Every day, I come across new people making products that compliment the lifestyle approach. My products are chosen for quality, and also ethical sourcing. As many as possible are made or sourced within from Scotland.”

Deborah Anderson

British made outdoor jumpers

Be Coorie has a range of clothing and stocks jumpers from the British brand, Mistamina, by Lady Melissa Percy. The jumpers have a feminine twist. Deborah said, “I love the jumpers because they are practical, warm, as well as being affordable. They suit my country lifestyle, and they also have chic look to them.”

Exclusive country hideaways and design service.

Be Coorie lifestyle extends beyond shopping for gifts, art, books and clothing. Mum of two, Deborah, offers a Be Coorie design service, and pet friendly country hideaways. “The Coorie Hideaways mirror my interior style influenced by country sports. People can enjoy a cosy break and snuggle in by a log fire. In addition to relaxing indoors, guests can explore the great outdoors. It’s all on the doorstep. Country sports opportunities here in Perthshire can be arranged. Each unique holiday home evokes the feeling I aim to create with cosy accommodation in an idyllic country setting.”

The cold wintry nights present us with a great opportunity to nestle in at home. We all want to surround ourselves with warmth and cosiness, beautiful things and scented candles. All these aspects effectively deal with stress and aid relaxation and enhance well-being.

Be Coorie products inspired by the Scottish outdoors

Pop along to Be Coorie shop or buy online. There are plenty of lifestyle comforts to choose from. It is the place to buy high-quality, individual and competitively priced gifts. Mostly Scottish, and with a mix of some British gifts. Perfect for you and your loved ones. Spread some love Be Coorie style!

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